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Although concrete was used for a long time as a construction material, it was not comparable with steel, stone wood at all, because despite its high pressure resistance, it acts weakly when facing tensile stress. As a result, it was only used as a masonry material.

concrete tensile pressure

Later, engineers applied a combination of reinforcing steel and concrete which resists tension and tensile pressure in order to get over this problem. They applied bar to reinforce concrete in early stages. However, they applied pre-stressed technology later in order to change concrete as one of the most efficient construction material. The idea of pre-stressing was presented in first decade of 20thcentury and a variety of research was done during 1930 to 1940. This method has been applied since 1955 in various construction fields.

Theory of Pre-Stressing

Pre-Stressing refers to imposing permanent compression force before imposing service loads in order to reduce and/ or remove tensile stresses. Locating pre-stressing steel and anchoring it in both sides of the member creates constant (compression stress) in concrete section. ...

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  • Larger Span
  • Thinner Slab
  • Beams Elimination
  • Controlling Cracks and More Durability
  • Increasing Execution Speed
  • Shorter Deck to Deck Height and Total Reduction of Building Height

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